What are the most suitable applications for PAL camera?

What are the most suitable applications for PAL camera?

PAL Camera can be used in a variety of applications, use cases for Robotics ( Like Object Detection and Obstacle Avoidance, Person Detection), Navigation , Localization and Mapping (SLAM) , Medical applications like UVD and Industrial Warehousing Automation. 
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    • What can I use PAL Camera for?

      PAL Camera can be used a variety of requirements like Localization, Occupancy Mapping, Obstacle Avoidance, Object Detection, Person Detection and People Tracking.
    • Does PAL camera emit any sort of buzzing noise?

      Customers may experience a very feeble fan buzzing noise during initial bring up of the PAL camera.  This however has no bearing on the camera performance and quality.
    • Does PAL Camera work in different lighting conditions?

      PAL camera can work in normal lighting, ambient lighting and low lighting conditions both indoor and outdoor environments and is rated IP67 for environmental conditions.
    • Which Typical Sensors can be replaced by PAL Camera?

      PAL camera can replace multiple sensors and related hardware used in Robots for Object Detection, Obstacle Avoidance, Person Detection, People Tracking, Localization, Mapping and Navigation thereby bringing down the total cost of ownership for the ...
    • Does PAL come with an Software Development Kit?

      Yes, every DreamVu camera product including PAL comes with a Standard Web based version of SDK which customers can directly download from https://dreamvu.com/software/ . Depending on the type of System Configuration, Processor and the Operating ...