What are the different operating systems that I can run the PAL SDK?

What are the different operating systems that I can run the PAL SDK?

The Software Development Kit for PAL camera works on a host of operating systems and processor platforms available on our software resources on link here : https://dreamvu.com/software/
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    • Does PAL come with an Software Development Kit?

      Yes, every DreamVu camera product including PAL comes with a Standard Web based version of SDK which customers can directly download from https://dreamvu.com/software/ . Depending on the type of System Configuration, Processor and the Operating ...
    • Does PAL Camera work in different lighting conditions?

      PAL camera can work in normal lighting, ambient lighting and low lighting conditions both indoor and outdoor environments and is rated IP67 for environmental conditions.
    • What kind of robots can I mount PAL on?

      PAL cameras can be mounted on Autonomous Mobile Robots( AMRs), Autonomous Guided Vehicles( AGV's) and Teleoperation Type of Systems
    • Does PAL camera support multiple resolutions?

      PAL Cameras support multiple resolution in Stereo and Depth Image performance output at different FPS settings as listed in our product datasheets.  A copy of the same can be made available to customers via request to our support team by raising a ...
    • What are the Key Features in the SDK?

      Customers upon un-boxing the DreamVu Camera, they can do a basic evaluation of Point Cloud generation, Imaging Exploration of the Camera in terms of Depth, Resolution , Latency and FPS along with Standard SDK features available for the corresponding ...